Facial Spa Skin Supercharger™
Facial Spa Skin Supercharger™
Facial Spa Skin Supercharger™
Facial Spa Skin Supercharger™
Facial Spa Skin Supercharger™
Facial Spa Skin Supercharger™
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Facial Spa Skin Supercharger™

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    Only 6 left in total stock - order soon.



    ✔️ Natural Face Lifter — stimulates skin cell and facial muscle creating healthy, lifted, radiant youthful look  

    ✔️ Cutting-Edge Tech — needle-free & pain-free way to easily enjoy pleasant facial treatment with amazing visible results At-Home

     ✔️ Super Compact Size — easily fits in a makeup bag, toiletry bag, as well as being light weighted making it perfect to carry for travels

    ✔️ 6 LED Color Modes — perfect to suit all types of skin (oily, dry, combination) as well as different skin problems (wrinkles, acnes, dark circles, pores, elasticity)



    The GlamGrande DIY At-Home Facial Spa Device is a MUST have for every beauty guru. 

    First date, wedding day, job interview, business meeting, important events —  when you're out and want to (or need to) show the best version of your look, wrinkles, acnes, dull saggy skin are the LAST thing you want on your mind...

    Ensure radiant, flaw-less skin and feel confident on your look no matter where you end up with the Glam Grande Facial Device.

    Its truly easy to use design combined with advanced technology makes it the perfect skin-care game-changer.
    Just finish your normal routine — it can be just 1 step simple version to 20 step complete ritual — turn on the power button, choose LED color that fits your needs, glide onto your skin gently for 10 minutes. (It will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.) You can also choose from 1 to 5 intensity level of electric stimulation that feels best to you, enabling 100% pain-free treatment with amazing results.

    It helps your skin to not only absorb your products into the deep derma layer,
    (which usually just stays on the surface level) but also enables facial muscle workout. (Skin is attached to facial muscles, and when the muscles droop and sag, the skin attached comes down with them, which is the reason why we need muscle-level-skin-care.)

    In just minutes a day, 3 times a week, you'll be amazed at the visible results,
    wrinkles diminished (even disappear), dark spots erased, even-toned and smooth skin. Thanks to increased collagen production, eyes and brows can be lifted, jowls can be tightened and forehead lines erased.

    And since it fits pretty much anywhere, you'll never have to worry about tired dehydrated look even when you are traveling.

    Get that same facial routine you usually do at-home whenever, wherever!

    A true "Secret Weapon" for "Beauty Gurus and A-Lister".


    • Shipping usually takes 7-20 days, but now slower due to the high demand.

    👀  Can I use it with skincare products that I already have?
    ✔︎ Sure! You can apply your favorite moisturiser with your hand, and let Glam Grande to bring it deep into the derma layer, maximising the effect. Get the most out of it!

    👀  How long should I use it and how often?
    ✔︎ It's set to work for 10 minutes and shuts off automatically. (Use it during your morning coffee/tea time to RECHARGE for the day, or late-night movie time for soothing RELAXATION.)
    We recommend using it at least 3 times a week. (If you're fully dedicated to your skincare and willing to use it everyday, your skin will say "thank you so much!" )

    👀  Does it hurt?

    ✔︎ It's COMPLETELY Pain-Free. With our needle-free Mesoporation technology, you can enjoy a relaxing morning or night skincare routine with gentle pleasant feelings on your face.

    👀  I travel often. Can I carry it even when I'm flying?
    ✔︎ Glam Grande enables you to get the best version of your look anytime, anywhere! With USB Charger, you can charge it easily even on the airplane, train, car, hotel and hassle-free with that voltage converter.
    + Once fully charged, you can use it several times. (For 1-2 day trips, bring only the device!)
    + The device is so lightweight that you can carry it in your make-up bag or handbag.



    1. RF (Radio Frequency) 🔆
    Get your skin tightening with high-frequency electrical resistance that safely results in better blood circulation, smoothing away wrinkles, reducing pore size and increasing overall skin texture .

    2. EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) ⚡️
    Opens up the gap of skin cells, enabling the active ingredients of your skincare products to go deeply into the dermal layer.

    - ❤️ RED Light  : Collagen Booster / Anti-Wrinkle
    - 💚 GREEN Light : Whitening / Anti-Spot
    - 💙 BLUE Light : Sebum Control / Anti-Acne
    - 💛 YELLOW Light : Skin Smoothing
    - 💖 PINK Light : Better Complexion 
    - 💗 PINK Flash : Help Absorption of the products


    Step 1. Cleanse! 🛁

    Cleanse the face first. Remove the makeup and impurities preparing your skin to absorb active ingredients and stimulation.

    Step 2. Prep! 💧

    Apply your favorite skincare products before using the device - it can be serum, essence, cream or anything that can hydrate your skin sufficiently - so that the skin appears wet. You can re-apply during the treatment. 
     - You can follow your normal skincare routine, and use Glam Grande as next supercharge step!

    Step 3. Pamper! ✨

    Charge before use with the USB cable connector.
     - Takes 3 hours to fully charge, and with only one charge you can use it for several times (up to weeks!)

    Press the upper POWER button to adjust the intensity level. (Press 1 to 5 times to get intensity level 1 to level 5. Press 6 times to power off the device.) Press lower LED SEL button to select different LED light. (Press 1 to 6 times to get Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Flashing Pink. Press 7 times to turn off the led light mode.)

     - For first time users, we recommend trying with Level 1 and gradually increase the intensity.
     - Choose your favorite color that suits your skin condition.

    Move the device gently and slowly on your skin.
     - Starting from the cheek area, glide onto your skin in the upper direction.

    The device will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of use.
    Step 4. Finish! 💎

    The result is Glowing, Lifted, and Healthy skin that gets better over time. 


    • 1 x Beauty Device
    • 1 x Charging Base
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x Manual

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